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Iowa Costs of Bankruptcy

Iowa Chapter 7 and 13 Attorney Fees

Attorney’s fees and filing fees, the court costs associated with bankruptcy, for a Chapter 7 or Chapter 13 bankruptcy vary from case to case. However, the sum of fees and court costs are generally $1,795.00.  The cost is slightly more if the client owns a business. or has owned or operated a business within the past year.

The entire amount required to file bankruptcy does not have to be raised immediately. You can begin exploring your options with our firm at no charge and without any obligation to hire us. You do not need to pay any fees until we are ready to file your case, at which time the entire amount is due. If having the entire amount available at the time of filing is of concern to you, we recommend that you start the process of saving now so the money will be available by the time you are ready to file.

We offer individuals interested in saving the option to deposit funds in our trust account. By making periodic payments into our trust account, you will not be tempted to spend the money elsewhere. This will help speed up the process of filing and, ultimately, of eliminating your debt. The money in our trust account will also be protected from creditors who attempt to wipe out your bank accounts with a bank levy. Many clients have saved money to file bankruptcy in their checking account, only to see a creditor take it with a bank levy before they are able to file. We also accept credit and debit cards.

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