Bankruptcy Questionnaire

Bankruptcy Questionnaire

Making the decision to file bankruptcy can be emotional and overwhelming. Regardless of what debt collectors may tell you, you do have the right to protect your assets. No one feels ashamed or embarrassed claiming a tax deduction to protect money from government reach. Similarly, no one should feel ashamed protecting their income and assets from the reach of creditors by utilizing federal bankruptcy law.

We are happy to provide a no obligation, free initial consultation to help you understand your bankruptcy options. If you decide that bankruptcy is the route to take, and if you hire Kevin Ahrenholz to assist you, one of the cornerstone tasks that you will need to perform in helping prepare your bankruptcy filing will be the completion of a 12-page questionnaire that may take an hour or two to complete (perhaps longer, depending on the complexity of your situation, and the level of your organization).

We will also provide you with a checklist of items you will need to prepare and return to us prior to the filing of your case.  None of this needs to be completed prior to your free initial consultation with an attorney.  To schedule that, simply email our office, or call us toll free at 1-877-888-1766 to set up an appointment.  A free initial consultation will be conducted to determine your eligibility for bankruptcy, and discuss your options without charge, and without obligation. If you are past that phase, and you do not have a questionnaire (or need a new one), you can use the link on this web site.  Please return the completed questionnaire to our central office. All of our documents are processed through our Waterloo, Iowa office. You can mail documents to the Waterloo office at 620 Lafayette Street, Suite 300, Waterloo, Iowa 50703, or P.O. Box 178, Waterloo, Iowa 50704.

Download our Bankruptcy Questionnaire

We strive to be a paperless office, so if you have everything saved in electronic format (i.e. .pdf), feel free to email your information to Jean Wolfe at jwolfe@beecherlaw.com. Using electronic documents will save time and postage, reduce the risk of losing documents through the mail, and it will allow you to see an attorney more quickly. There are several commercial locations where you can scan and email your documents to our office.

Are you eligible for bankruptcy? Take our Bankruptcy Eligibility & Means Test Analysis to have an attorney review your situation.

YOU ARE NOT REQUIRED TO PAY ANY MONEY AT THE TIME OF OUR FIRST CONSULTATION. The consultation is free of charge, and there is no obligation to file or to continue with my services.

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