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Obtain relief from creditor calls and harassment.

 Save your home, stop foreclosures, wage garnishments and bank levies.

 End the constant stress and worry of wondering how to pay bills.

 Manage debt, taxes, student loans and control creditors through Chapter 13.

 Gain a debt-free fresh start.


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Reasons Why We Are One of the Top Iowa Bankruptcy Law Firms For People Needing Debt Relief:


1.  Free, same-day bankruptcy eligibility analysis and consultation:

Within one business day of when you call or email our office, you will receive contact from our office offering to set up a free, same-day bankruptcy eligibility analysis where we analyze whether you are eligible for bankruptcy, and if so, what chapter of bankruptcy is best suited for you.  We also perform a Means Test analysis, and consult with you about your options.  Often, this is done within minutes of when you call, assuming you call during business hours.  Otherwise, expect to hear from us by phone or email within one business day to set up that free consultation.  In no time, you can put your mind at ease knowing that we can help.

2.  Low fees, and payment plan options:

Our fees for pre-filing Chapter 7 bankruptcy services are one of the lowest in the nation.  Frequently our clients tell us they have shopped around to many law firms, and ours are by far the lowest they have found. Even so, bankruptcy is still expensive, and for that reason, we offer several different payment plan options that will fit most budgets.

3. No travel, no parking, no hassles:

Because we focus on bankruptcy, we know our stuff, and we have broken it down to make it easy for you to prepare for a bankruptcy filing.  We can do everything by phone, email, mail or fax, without requiring you to travel to congested downtown office buildings, find and pay for parking, and carry all of your paperwork to a law office waiting room.

4. Experience:

Low fees do not matter if your attorneys do not know what they are doing. Our firm has filed more bankruptcy cases over the past decade than any other firm in the Northern District of Iowa. That experience provides us with the ability to tackle any case, no matter how complex the situation.  We also handle all types of bankruptcy chapters.  Some less experienced attorneys might encourage you to file a certain type of bankruptcy simply because they are not comfortable filing certain other types of bankruptcy, due to their lack of experience. This lack of experience could hurt you, and cost you a lot of money. Perhaps the most powerful aspect of our experience is that we have represented some of the largest collection agencies and creditors in the nation. We understand the collections industry.  Who better to hire to go against your toughest creditors than an attorney who has worked in the creditor industry who is familiar with their techniques and tactics?

5. Competence, service, and convenient appointments:

Throughout the bankruptcy process, we offer step-by-step guidance as we hold your hand through the entire bankruptcy process. Our highly skilled attorneys and staff of paralegals will help you turn something as overwhelming as your debt situation, and something as complex as bankruptcy, into something very manageable. You will wonder why you waited so long to become debt free. For those that are busy working during business hours, we offer evening and weekend appointments for your free initial bankruptcy consultation. And, as your appointment approaches, you will be in the comfort of your own home, instead of in a busy law office lobby.

6. We focus on Iowa bankruptcy law:

Iowa bankruptcy law. That is our focus, and that is what we have become experts at doing. Because many lawyers dabble in several different areas of law, most do not have the experience to help you with a bankruptcy. For that reason, we have made our services available to everyone in the state of Iowa, whether they live near or far from our offices in Des Moines, Cedar Rapids, Waterloo, or Mason City. We believe every Iowan deserves access to the most competent bankruptcy lawyers that the legal profession has to offer, whether they live in a large city, in a small town, or on a farm or acreage miles from the nearest lawyer. If you have access to a phone, then you have access to the best Iowa bankruptcy law firm, and we will represent you in your bankruptcy, doing what we do best: helping Iowans discharge debt and obtain a new start through bankruptcy.

7. We are actual Iowa lawyers who will personally represent you:

Unfortunately, many lawyer websites, and in particular, bankruptcy law websites, are nothing more than phantom websites operated by marketing experts in Chicago, New York, and California who sell your contact information, and who have never practiced law in Iowa before, and know nothing about Iowa law or how it will impact your case. At this law firm, and on this website, you are dealing directly with the lawyers and paralegals who will be preparing your case to file with the bankruptcy court. When you call the number on this website, or send an email or complete a form, your communication is going directly to the lawyers and paralegals at our law office.


Call or email us today to set up your free consultation:  1-877-888-1766 (toll free)


This website has a wealth of excellent information about bankruptcy, and provides tools for contacting our attorneys and staff by email or by filling out certain forms. However, the quickest way to start the ball rolling is to pick up the phone and call us during business hours. If an attorney is available, you can have your free initial consultation and analysis done within minutes. Otherwise, a free phone consultation will be scheduled at the first available opportunity that fits with your schedule. If business hours are closed as you are viewing this, feel free to email us by clicking one of the email links, or contact us by filling out one of the attorney contact forms found in various locations in the website. For those who wish to remain anonymous for awhile, feel free to browse all you like, for as long as you wish.



Firm Overview

Attorney Kevin Ahrenholz can assist you in filing Chapter 7, Chapter 11, Chapter 12, and Chapter 13 bankruptcy. We are the bankruptcy attorneys you can call to help you achieve freedom from your creditors and regain financial stability.

Bankruptcy, in conjunction with Iowa’s exemption laws, can be a powerful debt relief tool. Your bankruptcy attorney can help you avoid foreclosure, stop vehicle repossession, eliminate medical bills, and discharge credit card debt. Under Iowa’s bankruptcy exemption laws, you may be able to recover garnished wages, as well as restore defaulted loans. Utilizing the assistance of an experienced bankruptcy lawyer can help you achieve your debt relief goals.


Experienced Legal Assistance


Our experienced team of bankruptcy attorneys provide strategic legal counsel to help devise the best debt management plan.  Our bankruptcy attorneys can help you to explore non-bankruptcy options to help you find the debt relief solution that is best for you.

Contact us today to schedule a free telephone consultation. With the high cost of gas, we understand that it may be a financial burden for some people to travel to multiple appointments. For that reason we have structured our practice to handle as much as possible by telephone, mail, internet, and email in order to reduce your travel expenses.  You may schedule an appointment from anywhere in Iowa, or we can meet in any of our offices located throughout the state, including Waterloo, Cedar Rapids, or Des Moines, Iowa. We work hard to ensure that you achieve successful results and lasting debt relief. Call us toll free at 1(877) 888-1766 to speak with an experienced bankruptcy attorney today.


Do you have a question? One of the firm’s bankruptcy lawyers will answer your questions if you submit the “Ask the Bankruptcy Attorney” form to the top left.



Iowa Bankruptcy Lawyer Serving Cedar Rapids, Waterloo, Des Moines, and Mason City, Iowa


Our law firm has been practicing law over 100 years, and our bankruptcy team has decades of combined experience helping people face the financial trials of life. We have a lengthy track record of helping those in financial distress. We will chart your path to a fresh start. Consider us part of your debt management team.

If you want to discharge your credit card debt, medical and utility bills, avoid foreclosure, and assess the viability of debt management plans or debt settlement plans, you need the assistance of qualified bankruptcy attorneys. We have the ability to help you with credit counseling decisions and can help you purge your debt load through bankruptcy.

Your first consultation with us is FREE and without obligation. If you are only interested in non-bankruptcy options, check out the information available on this site by in our Non-bankruptcy Options section.

If you want more information online about bankruptcy, check our client letter, the bankruptcy questionnaire (pdf) and the frequently asked questions section. No documents need to be reviewed or completed, and no fees need to be paid in order to set up your free initial telephone consultation with an attorney where your eligibility for bankruptcy will be analyzed and discussed with you free of charge, and without any obligation. Simply call our toll free number at 1-877-888-1766, or email me at ahrenholz@beecherlaw.com to set up your free initial consultation.

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Call or email us today to set up your free consultation:  1-877-888-1766 (toll free)



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