Client Letter

Client Letter

Thank you for your choosing our law firm. I would like to schedule your next appointment, but I need some documents from you first. These are:

  1. Completed Bankruptcy Questionnaire;
  2. Your most recent debt / creditor statements (credit card bills, medical bills, etc.);
  3. All pay stubs for the past six months for both spouses if married or common law. This can include a print out from your employer. If you do not receive pay stubs, then bank statements for six months may work. W-2s do NOT serve as a substitute to pay stubs;
  4. Your last filed tax return;

Please return these items (with your return address and enough postage) to our data entry department located at: BEECHER LAW FIRM, P.O. BOX 178, WATERLOO, IA 50704-0178. Once I receive these documents we will contact you to set up your next appointment. This appointment can be scheduled in any of our offices throughout Eastern Iowa or by phone. Limited evening and weekend appointments are also available by phone.

If you do not include something, it will delay the scheduling of your meeting, so please return everything in one mailing, the first time. I am also sending you a document called “Frequently Asked Questions” (available online here) along with other notices that should answer many of your questions about bankruptcy, and an Attorney contract which you are not required to sign now, but which details the costs for service we can perform for you.

When sending your statements to me, it helps if your bills and invoices are pulled from their envelopes, envelopes and promotional material removed, staples removed, statements neatly stacked and paper clipped together. I will also need to know if these debts have been turned over to any collection agencies or attorneys. If I do not have the billing statement, the debt will not be listed or discharged. Sending your credit report is very helpful, but is not a substitute for sending your latest invoices. A free one can be pulled annually at www.annualcreditreport.com.

Items which we do not need now, but which will be needed to complete the questionnaire and before filing include:

  1. Your most recent loan statement and /or payment book for all loans secured by real estate, automobiles, or other assets. I will need to know the payoff of each loan, the approximate dates these loans were taken, and what the loan was for.
  2. The legal descriptions and locations of any real property owned (a copy of the legal description can be made from your deed or abstract or sometimes off your county assessor’s web site).
  3. Information (quarterly statement / court order) about annuities; IRAs, ERISA, Keogh or other pension or profit sharing plans; stocks and bonds; life insurance policies; alimony, maintenance, support and property settlements.

We will discuss your situation in more detail at the initial meeting. The initial meeting is free of charge if you elect not to file bankruptcy, and there is no obligation to file or to continue with my services.

If there are any other questions you have, please do not hesitate to call. My legal assistants or I will be happy to assist you in any way we can.

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