Des Moines Bankruptcy Attorney

Des Moines Bankruptcy Attorney

A number of people do not understand what bankruptcy does beyond discharging debt. Bankruptcy is likely one of the most misunderstood tools. The process generates myths that can be addressed by a good Des Moines bankruptcy attorney.

Some believe that even after bankruptcy they will be harassed by debt collectors. This is not true. As soon as someone declares bankruptcy, an automatic stay is put into place. In other words, a hold is placed on any outstanding debts a person may have. An invisible veil of protection is granted to the debtor, and vigorously enforced by the bankruptcy court, which prohibits creditors from having any further contact with the debtor. Creditors may not harass a person, call them, write to them, email or text them, or have contact in any way.

Should a creditor ignore the stay, the creditor, with assistance from a Des Moines bankruptcy attorney, may be sanctioned severely. These sanctions are designed to punish a creditor who has not followed the rules and regulations laid out in the bankruptcy code. Whether an individual does have a cause of action can be examined by a competent bankruptcy lawyer. The bottom line is that creditors must leave debtors alone once they have filed for bankruptcy protection, or they may suffer the consequences.

There are a lot of things to take into consideration when facing the prospect of filing for bankruptcy, and it is best to discuss the options with a qualified Des Moines bankruptcy attorney. The last thing a distressed debtor needs is to have their case dismissed, discharged, denied or revoked. Individuals can have their assets liquidated by the trustee if they attempted to file bankruptcy on their own incorrectly, or used an attorney who does not specialize in Iowa bankruptcy law. Too many things can go wrong when the correct procedure is not followed. Having skilled legal counsel speeds up the process and ultimately, saves the debtor considerable time and money.

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