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Credit Concerns When Filing for Bankruptcy

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One of the biggest worries people have when they contemplate filing for bankruptcy is whether their credit rating will tank. It will, but you can recover.

It is virtually inevitable that your credit rating will be affected by filing for bankruptcy protection. But, you have to do what you need to do to face the overwhelming pile of unpaid debts that have driven you to the brink of bankruptcy. You cannot take the stress any longer. Bankruptcy will alleviate that stress and give you a fresh financial start. Just remember, there is more to bankruptcy than just paperwork, and for this reason you need to discuss your situation with an Iowa bankruptcy lawyer.

The biggest benefit people get from filing for bankruptcy is the automatic stay. This prohibits creditors from calling you and sending you letters. Understand, though, that some debts are discharged completely and some are put on hold temporarily. What type of bankruptcy you file also decides what you may pay back or not.

The first thing you will find out when you make an appointment with an Iowa bankruptcy lawyer is that your home will not be placed into foreclosure. Generally speaking, real and personal possessions are exempt from a bankruptcy. There are some exceptions, and you would need to speak to your lawyer about what they are.

Filing for bankruptcy protection does, in theory, halt all creditor harassment. But, not all creditors limit themselves to phone calls. This is when you discover there is a very fine line between being reminded you owe money and being harassed. Abuse calls at home and work are common and you only need to report them to your Iowa bankruptcy lawyer in order to get them to stop. Once your bankruptcy is filed, these annoying, harassing reminders are illegal.

Did you have property repossessed before you declared bankruptcy? You will be able to get repossessed property back so long as the creditor did not sell or auction it off. If you missed past payments, they can be rolled into a Chapter 13 plan. There are other things you need to know and the smartest move on your part is to deal with a competent Iowa bankruptcy lawyer who will guide you through the maze of declaring bankruptcy.

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